Why Are We Doing This?

The recent decision by Outdoor Retailer to relocate its long-standing iconic trade shows was viewed by some as their decision to pursue a more lucrative, less politically constrained location.  While there hasn’t been any evidence of an exodus of enterprises or organizations from Salt Lake for similar reasons, it’s a signal that Salt Lake’s tourism, economic development and government leaders are taking as a call-to-action and “silver lining” opportunity to define a new course to a prosperous, sustainable future for the destination and its regional economy.

Management of the regional economy was once solely the domain of the destination marketing organization (Visit Salt Lake), hotels, airlines and attractions. However, the growing scale and impact of the regional economy’s social, economic and environmental footprint now demands stronger strategic alignment and deeper ongoing collaboration between community stakeholders and other business, economic and social stakeholders in order to ensure sustainable, long-term success for Salt Lake. 

A significant opportunity exists for leaders from Salt Lake’s regional economy, business, economic development, social and government sectors to collaboratively develop and activate a “blueprint” for the future regional economy. By aligning key community and state resources in a collaborative plan focused on one core destination vision and story narrative, Salt Lake’s tourism, business, economic development, social and government sectors can maximize performance and quality of life benefits delivered through a robust regional economy.