Commitment to Stakeholder Engagement: The foundation of our approach is the immediate deployment of an engagement initiative and transparent communication protocol for all stakeholders including the general public.

Collaboratively Developed Destination Vision and Narrative: At the core of the Blueprint will be a powerful co-created and compelling destination narrative that all stakeholders can rally around; one that inspires commitment and builds greater community enterprise alignment. 

Pursuit of Business Discovery and Innovation: The Blueprint is an opportunity for all stakeholders involved in the regional economy to discover, innovate and even reimagine the role of Visit Salt Lake and other community enterprises supporting the Blueprint’s narrative for Salt Lake’s regional economy.

Commitment to Transparent Plan Activation and Ongoing Accountability: To make the Blueprint a living, breathing platform, we will develop an activation roadmap that provides specific measurable objectives/milestones, designated accountability assignments and the identification of required resources. 

Adherence to Fiscal Sustainability: The Blueprint will be fiscally sustainable, existing within the realities of Salt Lake and the State of Utah’s fiscal parameters.