What will determine our community's success in welcoming visitors?


While the management of a community’s visitor experience was once solely the domain of the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), hotels, airlines and attractions, the growing scale of the regional economy’s social and environmental footprint now demands strategic alignment and ongoing engagement between industry, community and marketplace stakeholders in order to ensure long term success.

Still, entrenched stereotypes tied to Salt Lake’s cultural heritage (itself a powerful unique destination attribute) and its outdoor adventure lifestyle have manifested as perception constraints to the type of growth being experienced by competitor destinations.

Visitors are part of a powerful force which helps shape Salt Lake into the thriving community it is today. It also represents the opportunity to be a catalyst for the future of a well-designed community for residents, businesses and those who visit for work, pleasure or as an attendee at a convention/meeting or an event.



Salt Lake's Destination Situation • Why Are We Doing This?
What Is Blueprint Salt Lake?

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The Who

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The How

What Does Success Look Like? • Blueprint Objectives • Blueprint Approach Project Methodology • Project Timeline

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The Message

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